CGF - Version History

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-- Added better querying for collecting 3D colliders when calculating physics
-- Added Apply Align to Force Event for 3D and 2D
-- Added Max Angular Velocity to the Align to Force effect
-- Updated web links in toolbar
-- Updated content to Unity 5.6.0f3
-- Added new scene '_MainMenu', this scene is the FPS demo that acts like the mainmenu with examples and scene navigation, including old demo scenes.
-- Added new scene 'Marble', this scene you navigate a marble through a level designed around using CGF objects.
-- Added new scene 'Car v2', this scene is a reviced scene of the old car scene, where you navigate a car through a level designed around using CGF objects.
-- Added new scene 'Hovercraft v2', this scene is a reviced scene of the old hovercraft scene, where you navigate a hovercraft through a level designed around using CGF objects.
-- Added feature 'Project Forward' is now a option for 'Sphere', 'Capsule', and 'Box' shapes, 'Raycast' and 'Torque' is forward by default.
-- Added feature 'Velocity Damping' is now available for 'Force At Position', 'Force', and 'Gravitational Attraction'.
-- Added feature 'Angular Velocity Damping' is now available for 'Torque'.
-- Added feature 'Transform Properties' allowing you to override the position and rotation for the CGF transform.
-- Added feature 'Force Position Properties' allowing you to have emit from the CGF's transforms position or from a Closest Collider, very powerful.
-- Added feature 'Event Properties' now you can use CGF events, and sendmessage. Note that sendmessage is off by default, but is easy to turn on under the 'Event Properties'.
-- Added feature 'Draw Gizmo' under the 'Draw Gravity Force', nice if using a lot of CGF's in you scene.
-- Added feature/refactored 'Filter Properties' now can be filtered by 'Physic Material Filter' and a new 'Layer Mask Filter', also Memory Optimization when using Filters.
-- Added feature/refactored 'CGF_AlignToForce' separated out Align To Force logic from CGF class, and made it its own. Also refactored the align logic to not use slerp and use torque, way better results.
-- Added feature/refactored 'CGF_NoGravity' separated out No Gravity logic from CGF class and made it its own.
-- Reorg folder structure for easily extracting out unwanted examples when importing CGF, also separated out version 1-4, and version 5 assets and examples.
-- Added Pivot demo scene.
-- Added Pivot component with custom gizmos.
-- Updated CGF logo.
-- Misc performance script updates.

-- Added 'Box' type under 'Shapes' for 3D and 2D. NOTE: Requires Unity 5.3 or higher.
-- Reduced memory usage by 90%!!!
-- Added Non-Alloc physics support under 'Memory Properties' for 3D and 2D. NOTE: Requires Unity 5.3 or higher for 3D.
-- Updated all gizmos for all physics 'Shapes' and 'Force Types' for 3D and 2D.
-- Added new editor handles for all physics 'Shapes' for sizing 3D and 2D cgf objects.
-- Added 'See Colliders' and 'See Raycast Hits' under 'Memory Properties' for 3D and 2D.
-- Added memory usage bar under 'Memory Properties' for 3D and 2D when using 'Non-Alloc Physics'
-- Updated wizard form for the new changes.
-- Updated inspector GUI for 3D and 2D.
-- Updated all 'Controls', 'Mods' and 'Trigger' classes for the new changes.
-- Renamed CircularGravity.cs to CGF.cs
-- Renamed CircularGravity2D.cs to CGF2D.cs
-- Renamed CircularGravity_Editor.cs to CGF_Editor.cs
-- Renamed CircularGravity2D_Editor.cs to CGF2D_Editor.cs
-- Renamed CircularGravity_Tool.cs to CGF2D_Tool.cs

-- Fixed a bug for both 2D and 3D where you would get a Input force is { NaN, NaN } error when using 'Gravitational Attraction'
-- Combined and removed LookTo, and MoveTo into a much better pivot system for the camera
-- Added a title picture for 2D and 3D CGF objects
-- Moved CGF into the Physics/Physics2D component menu
-- Added tooltips on EVERYTHING!
-- Updated changes for Unity 5.3
-- Updated areas that where using strings for layering and replaced them with LayerMask vars
-- Changes shortcut keys for creating 3D/2D CGF gameobjects

-- Re-Masked Inspector GUI for CircularGravity.cs and CircularGravity2D.cs, looks alot cleaner and makes more sense
-- Added all new icons for CircularGravity, Controls, Mods, and Triggers
-- Added items to Hierarchy menu 'Create -> 3D Object -> CGF' and '2D Ojbect -> CGF 2D' for quickly creating CGF's
-- Added items to toolbar under 'Tools -> CGF -> Quick CGF' and 'Tools -> CGF -> Quick CGF 2D' with shortcuts for quickly creating CGF's
-- Added 'Align Direction' under 'Constraints Properties' for CircularGravity.cs and CircularGravity2D.cs
-- Added context menu items for CircularGravity.cs and CircularGravity2D.cs, makes it a lot easier to add controls, mods, or trigger scripts
-- Added prototype 'Homeing Rocket' test scene
-- Updated CGF Wizard, and Toolbar menu items
-- Memory Optimization
-- Added More Tutorial Videos to Menu
-- Cleaned Up UI Canvas in Demo Scenes
-- Updated Gizmo Arrows
-- Mouse FPS Fix
-- Unity 5.00-5.10 Warning Fixes
-- Added Gravitational Attraction for a Fifth Type Also Supports 2D
-- Added Planet Scene
-- Added Planet 2D Scene
-- Added Hovercraft Scene
-- Added Align to Force Filtering Options
-- Updated Tool Classes
-- Updated Hover Options
-- Changed SceneSettins.cs to a Singleton
-- Gizmos Icon Compatibility Update
-- Add GameObject Filtering
-- Change Filters to use List not Arrays
-- Added Shortcut to Wizard window
-- Add Tutorials to Toolbar
-- Select Multiple CGF at Once Update
-- Add Diagram Scene
-- All New Demo Scenes
-- 4 Different Types of Physics
-- Mass Code Optimization
-- 2D Support
-- Unity 5 Ready
-- Visual Gizmo Updates
-- Editor Tool Wizard Updates